Time rolls on

Arizona Monsoon
Arizona Monsoon rolling in like an explosion

“Life so they say is a game and we let it slip away” from Seals and Crofts We may never pass this way again is one summary of life. A more touching, soul searching one, is by Alan Parsons Project-Time. It keeps flowing like a river to the sea til it’s gone forever so “goodbye my friend maybe for forever”. Yes, I lost a brother this week (barley 50 years old) he’s way back in the Midwest and I can’t be there. Christopher was a such a kind soul a great father to a son and daughter. This Alan Parson’s song is one I wish to be played at my own memorial because it’s so apropos.

Time waits for nobody and we have to make the best of it. Don’t put your dreams too far off, try to do all you can today for who knows what tomorrow holds? Even Mick Jagger can’t say time is on his side anymore. Make the best use of the time you have for who knows if we shall meet again, if ever. Take a stand against time, use it wisely, we have but one chance in this life what will you do with yours?


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