Developing your guiding outline

After you have your ideas down on paper, you know who your audience is and you are clear on your message it’s time to create your outline. A lot depends on what type of book and genre you’re writing. This particular book is a “how to” and reference book so it will require an outline.

Your initial outline doesn’t have to be perfect in fact it will more than likely change several times in the course of the book’s progression. Outlines give you direction but on the downside they could cause you to limit your creativeness. If you’re writing a novel or a work of fiction outlines would need to vague to keep the creative juices and characters moving.

The outline should cover all points you need to make up through the conclusion. As you develop your outline you may be inclined to start filling in a particular chapter if you will. Be sure to embrace these fragments as they come for that’s part of the next step if you can see it be sure to get it down as it can save on time.

After you complete your good outline you should feel confident that you can see how the whole picture, jumbled as it may be but you’ll work it to make it all come together.


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