Writing is hard work

Anyone who says writing is easy apparently has never done it or taken it seriously. Have you heard them they say,  “Writing is like a day at the beach.” How many times have you stared at that blank piece of paper or blank screen wondering where to start? It doesn’t just magically appear and viola there’s your manuscript, no writing requires use of your brain, your creative side unlike a lot of other occupations.

Procrastination is the problem most of us have to overcome in writing. We all write something everyday because we’ve sent numerous emails some withing the past hour. Writing a story or pages for a book takes concentrated effort and focus. There are times that the words just seem to flow so you need to take advantage of those times because that’s what editing is for.

Most successful writers will tell you that it takes discipline, making a concerted effort in setting goals to write everyday at a certain time and setting a minimum word or page count. But if you are working a full-time job it may be difficult to work this into your schedule. Success will be determined by how much work you want to put into this new endeavor. “You reap what you sow” is most applicable.


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