Wicked Witch

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

It happened this very month almost to this very day five years ago. I was working at my desk when she suddenly sat down across from me. She sighed and said, “That’s it I’m out, I’m done. ” I didn’t know exactly what she was talking about but I soon discovered when she didn’t leave.

Was she invited? No. Not unless the casual “if you have nowhere else to go we have a room, counts.” She was suddenly moving in with us and we soon found ourselves selling and giving away our furniture and more to make room for hers. Wait it gets better. We had to be in a trance.

Okay, so she’s moved in with her prized possessions and the rest in an air conditioned storage facility we paid for. Next we began finding our own prized everyday possessions disappearing so I finally asked her if she knew anything about it. “Huh, oh that wasn’t any good so I threw it out.”  It was to make more room for more of her stuff. The way she cackled when she laughed could be heard at the neighbors. Speaking of which they never came around anymore or did our friends or other relatives after meeting the witch.

For my wife and I just the thought of going home to the dreadful, shocking atmosphere kept us away from home more and more. The inconsiderate smoking and 24/7 playing of a book very loud had us in fear of our own home.

Finally after almost two years of this we came up with a plan to get her out. So we invested in a retirement resort property, spent money we didn’t have preparing it to her satisfaction and she moved out.

The story doesn’t end there, remember it was five years ago. As you can imagine she was too busy buying more possessions to pay us much of anything for her own private castle. Finally after we once again couldn’t bear the financial pain and running here and there when she could have herself-we evicted her.

Her little castle was less than half the size of ours, which she constantly had complained about, yet her electric and water bills were double and triple what ours were! I mean what kind of a witch swoops in takes everything you have and then continues taking like a vampire? Today we are hoping we are finally free of the evil spell. But Halloween is upon us and we don’t want any tricks. But you never know.

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