Lasting Memories

Memories generally speaking are the one thing we hold on to no matter where our travels take us. Looking back at this time in New Orleans one that stands out is the dinner riverboat ride we took. It was a unique experience. As you can see in the photo we were in a long line to board our cruise ship. It’s a real paddle boat, I have picture of another paddle boat going the other direction on the mighty Mississippi.

It was a perfect evening in fact there was a crescent moon over the crescent city that night which doesn’t happen very often. After everyone is seated inside the vessel the Captain comes on introducing himself and telling us what we have in store. Next was the buffet dinner. It featured all the local favorite dishes from gumbo to Jambalaya and seafood dishes. Naturally banjo music accompanied the meal.

After the we filled up on all the goodies we were invited to any of the upper decks to enjoy the view and the continuous banjo music. The lights of the city loomed in front of us until we reached near the turnaround point up river then they were but a glow in the sky. The night sky was clean, fresh and something to see under the stars. We met people from around the country including a couple ladies from “down under”. We had a marvelous time conversing with them learning of their travels and their native country. We enjoyed the time so much before we knew it we were back in the city coming about to park at the dock again.

Take time get out and about and explore this old world there are so many sights to see and experiences to be had. See so many that you’ll have a rich archive to sort through to find your favorite memories.


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