Amazing force of nature

Take the jellyfish. It’s beautiful to observe, it moves so slowly and gracefully and it’s unique. The creature is simple, elegant and deadly at the same time. Are they all the same- heavens no some are bigger than a person while others are as small as a pinhead. Jellyfish have been around much longer than mankind they may have been around before the dinosaurs.

There are many different types of jellyfish. There are many different looking ones, different colors and again sizes. They’re  found around the globe where the environment is just right for them. They are part of the circle of life serving as food to sea turtles and larger fish while they consume some very small ones, fish eggs and other things. Not all jellyfish have the tentacles that sting it’s prey with a toxin nor do they swim but merely drift or wander their way around.

They’re actually are a form of plankton. Not a typical one at that but they often travel in swarms or “blooms” as they are called and if you’ve run across them they were probably part of a bloom.

Just looking at this one one would think they were part of the squid family. They’re another wonder of nature that’s as beautiful as the sunset. Carry on my wayward jelly.

This photo was taken at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans


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