It`s a jungle out there

It`s those choices that we`re forced to make that define us. It happens more often than one would think- not seeing the danger lurking before them. Sometimes the most beautiful things are standing right in front of us. When we overlook the splendor around us we likewise will not see the dangers and the pitfalls.

Procrastination, bad attitudes and tunnel vision hamper many writers on their journey to success. Time is limited, fleeting and short, it’s not on your side. Make haste while treading carefully as you go. All the time maintain a keen awareness of what’s around you lest you fall into a trap.

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean it’s not a jungle out there. If you take someone out of the wilderness where they that grew up and placed them in a big city-they’d be the first to tell you it’s a beastly jungle all around. The foreign environment leaves them trembling in fear or amazed by all the shocking sights and sounds or both. Ordinary, everyday things like traffic and planes are routine to us but can be very dangerous to a visitor from another land.

Next time you walk out the door, walk in the building or go on a trip plan accordingly, seek out the beauty that is there but beware of the danger.


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