My life as the job man

By job man I’m not referring to job placement for other people. I’ve worked in so many sectors and industries, so many that I’ve been writing a book about it for the past 15 years at friends requests. The one I’m writing wouldn’t have everything that happened to me obviously but it contains enough. I would read the whole thing cover to cover despite the bad things and bad times for it’s from that which we develop character-and some say I’m a character.

I can cite one reference that pertains to the first sentence. Before we pulled up stakes and moved out west I worked at this general contractor where I ended up being third in command, behind the two brother owners. The one brother was the business and real estate type while the other was the hands on construction professional. When it came to finding new people I became the testing ground.

I placed the ads in the papers and did all the first round interviews for a new Superintendent for example. Dozens of people sat in my office after I reviewed their resumes and I interrogated them. I saw many different personality types. Some were outgoing boisterous people while others were so quiet I had to pry information from them.

I’m just finishing reading this book about first jobs which I’ve found very interesting. It’s people from all over the country in all kinds of vocations working their first job. There were a couple in there that remind me of this one guy that somehow got by the invite for interview stage by just showing up. This was different for me and maybe not so much for him. This young man had I believe a three page resume that as I scanned over it was all about one job. He pulled weeds. He had no qualifications for this job and we were filled up with helpers otherwise I may have helped him out because of his willingness.

At twelve I did some landscaping for a semi-wealthy neighbor but that’s as close as I came to this kid. Anyway, especially after I married a redhead nothing’s ever been close to boring.

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