Night Owl baby

For night owls the traditional nine to five is a tedious life especially when it’s even¬†earlier than that. My wife and I are both night owls we’re by nature nocturnal loving the nightlife and actually doing some of our best work after hours. Regardless if you truly love your job if it’s not in line with your internal clock sometimes it can prove counter productive.

Many of my friends are early birds I mean they live for rising with the sun and before it during this time of year. I don’t have a problem with getting up early on a weekend to go golfing at sunrise but I’ve played better rounds when the sun is setting.

For some strange reason night owl people think clearer later in the day than earlier. Basic writing, the ¬†formulation of thoughts comes easier in the night. The early birds may rule the day but after night falls they’re getting tired simply because their clock has them up so early.

Besides, the lights of the city beat the sunshine over the city every time.

<a href="">Because the Night</a>


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