New year,ageless attitude

Technology has made aging almost a thing of the past. Today 50 is the new 30 and so long as you take care of yourself you can generally expect to outlive your parents and subsequently keep the younger attitude going through life.

Now as we head into the new year I know I’m working to stay young at heart by keeping busy, working out and taking care of myself. Besides hanging out with people our own age we have some younger friends and try to keep good relations with the kid and friends.

“Our generation the baby boomers have always been the driving force” ┬áChristie Brinkley said regarding the aging phenomenon. Clearly that’s been the case since they took the stage in the 60’s so it comes as no surprise with the aging boomers. This year the millennials outnumbered the boomers finally so the future may not be driven the same way, who can tell?

I know I’m thinking with a healthy, wholesome and young approach from day to day. Happy New Year!

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