Personal posts make the connection

My blog started with the intention of reporting on the process of my book publication and copywriting beginnings. Looking back I see the posts that were of most interest were those that focused on personal details about myself and actually that’s what I’m looking for in other blogs too. Still, I find that quite surprising but I haven’t really had a blog before, all the writing I’ve done has been in columns or articles or marketing materials.

We made the move from the frozen tundra to paradise or the “oven” as some call Arizona the same year the Cardinals moved from St. Louis. We have not regretted the transition except sometimes during the heat of the summer or during a dust storm. Dust storms are a common occurrence during the summer in the “monsoon” season. I’ve also witnessed  a “sandstorm” in Monument Valley several years ago. They’re similar but enough sandstorms can take the paint off your car.

We moved in the early fall so the weather was still nice back east and at 102 with no humidity it made summer last until the next spring. Arizona starts heating up typically in early May but last year it was gorgeous 90 degrees or less until June. Upon arriving we were in an apartment complex and as Thanksgiving neared we were still swimming in the community pool but nobody else was. Living in the southwest thins your blood so when it’s cooler or cold you feel it deep down to your bones unlike a visitor. Snowbirds, are what makes the economy move here.

We currently have a perfect property for snowbirds for sale. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath just over 1100 square foot property.

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