Make Vacations last

If I had a choice on what I could do to speed up or slow down I’d slow down vacations to a crawl so they’s last a lot longer. You know the time zips by and you’re back at the grind before you know it. The work week often, not always drags on compared to vacations. So I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.

Is it possible to slow down the pace to make your vacation last longer? If you lock yourself up in your hotel room does it slow the pace down? Actually we tried that a year ago or so when we spent a week in San Diego. We didn’t plan on spending a lot of time in our room but they had a record breaking heat wave that closed the public schools because they don’t have air conditioning. The temperature was 105 with high humidity making it very uncomfortable to do anything outdoors for a few days.

As the heat wave ended we spent the rest of our vacation seeing the sights, on the beach etc. and time sped up again. Wasting away in a hotel room wasn’t our idea of a vacation even though that time seemed to drag on so I’d rather not do it again. Have fun, enjoy your time away. Time rolls on and I’ll take having fun over living like a hermit any day.


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