Near and far contrasting

Near and far, coming and going, lost and found are all sharp contrasts, howbeit this picture doesn’t do justice to the vantage point. Far below this near mountaintop view is Cottonwood. Another interesting contrast is high and low elevations where there’s snow atop this mountain and it’s nearly 80 degrees in Cottonwood. What a difference a mere 5,000 feet makes.

There are countless contrasts in the world but it seems to me there are many more in Arizona that has Phoenix at only 1,000 feet above sea level while Flagstaff exceeds 7,000 which isĀ about the same as Mingus Mountain. Then there’s the San Francisco peaks in Flagstaff that tower aboveĀ that to well over 12,000 feet.

People don’t realize that Denver which is famous as the “mile high city” at over 5,130 feet to over 5,600 feet is below Flagstaff. In the summer when Phoenix is 115 degrees Flagstaff is a cool 80 to 82 degrees on average. You don’t see that extreme contrast in California or any other state on the same day. If you compare to Alaska well, when it’s cold it’s extremely cold up there.

Contrasts are what enable us to distinguish the things we see. Think about that the next time you’re bored or when you see an amazing sight like this one that make you wonder.

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