Freedom, fight the good fight

A mere 70 years ago America was engaged in a genuine dogfight for our very freedom. The attack on Pearl Harbor put us smack in the middle of WWII. Those freedoms that were fought and won at the cost of thousands of soldiers lives have been slowly slipping away. Our flag for example was so highly regarded then but now despite the $1,000 fine and imprisonment, which isn’t enforced, is trampled in videos by terrorist types. Whereas the fine for duplicating a movie is like $250,000 and imprisonment-demonstrates our values.

American values have eroded with time to where last Friday H & M named transsexual Caitlyn Jenner as their sportswear spokesperson. That wouldn’t have been an acceptable “role model” after WWII. At least Charles Barkley was quoted saying, “I’m not a role model.”

Did you know some public schools are teaching Muslim’s Islam beliefs when the beliefs of our Forefathers is banned? Where’s the separation of church and state? The mores of this country and the financial structure have been sliding the wrong direction for some time now as we near $20 trillion in debt. Freedom is worth fighting for as the patriots knew long ago. How can we regain respectability, a AAA credit rating and a balanced budget?


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