Anything but frivolous

My Mother has always been anything but frivolous, except when it came to buying additional plants and of course mail order items. These words echoed loudly this past week as my sister and I had to go through her estate because she took the journey to the great beyond.

Now any antonym of frivolous would be more applicable to describe her as we are forced to go through all her things before we lose access to the house. We were somewhat surprised at all the miscellaneous things she saved but then we were astonished at a number of the things that she treasured from us from all those many, many years ago. For example the one that stopped us in our tracks was  in her chest of drawers it was a box almost a half inch thick about the size of a book. It was addressed to each of us-Love you kids. It was titled To those I love, it was an incredible plaque with her last wishes summed up in verse.

My sister found a couple cards that she had sent her before she moved here and just after expressing how much she would be missed all those years ago. She also found a little heart wherein Mom kept all the little notes and poetry I wrote to her on my every stay over again from all those years ago. It was so touching to know that she really cared more than she sometimes let on about us.

Even in my youth I loved the song Elvis did “Mama liked the roses” and it was so true and winters were easier out west but only now do the words have meaning. A song that mom and I shared a tear to when it came out was Honey by Bobby Goldboro when I was barely a teenager. Last week I looked at the seven foot evergreen tree that was her live little ten inch Christmas tree about 12 years ago that we planted together and that song came rushing back.

This is to all those that have lost a loved one recently. May it draw you closer, mend any wounds between you and give you peace. Times like this have a way of showing us what really matters. Rest in peace Mom and we will keep those words you left behind for us close to our hearts until we meet again. Love you so.

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