Not so faraway anymore

Most of my life I’ve been like everyone else thinking our time left on this earth is so faraway that I’m not concerned about it. My Mother crafted over a half dozen of these¬†fascinating miniature boxes that have to take a steady hand and great patience. It’s a scene from life recreated by the eye of the beholder.

I was told at a very early age that we don’t live in these bodies forever and it was troubling, no it kept me up at night just thinking about it and I always said the Children’s prayer now done so eloquently by ¬†Three Dog Night. The Prayer of the Children of now I lay me down to sleep was beautifully done in acapella. It always gave me peace and developed my belief in God.

If you have or ever have to be involved in sorting your parents personal effects for an estate sale you have or will come to understand that this life we have is precious, it’s really a short time we’re on this old earth. It’s like Seals and Crofts said in their song, We may never pass this way again¬†“Life so they say is a game but we let is slip away…”

“In the end it’s not the years in your life that count.It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

Make those years count by living life to the fullest! My best to you and your journey.

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