Finding your identity is my book’s key

As I look back on those development years when I thought about what do I want to be when I grew up? I had no idea. The question was asked of me in sixth grade when we were required to write an essay and I was the only one that wanted to have my own business. Before high school ended when we all met with guidance counselors for our career choice there was little direction given for my future.

So like so many others I flip flopped majors in college and then changed careers so many times my head was spinning.  This is why I’m finishing this book on not only helping the youth of America find what they were meant to do but giving them a glimpse of so many different fields of endeavor that they can feel more comfortable with the choice they make because they were able to get an insider’s view before making the jump.

This is not only invaluable for those starting out in the job market it’s also a great tool for those that thought they made the right choice but are truly unhappy. It will also serve as a reference guide for those that find themselves back on the job market from “downsizing” or as they say now “rightsizing”.

Once you know who you are, what you like, or what you love you can be on your way to vocational bliss. As you go don’t forget to write all concerned. Bonne journée et Au Revoir!

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