Earth, time, legacy and you

Today is Earth Day! Yes, people around the globe are planting trees and doing other good deeds for Mother earth that are otherwise unheard of. What are you doing on this auspicious occasion? Perhaps you’re saving a tree by going online versus receiving bills or invoices by mail. I think it’s ¬†at least a time for self reflection, a time to stop look around and think about what am I doing with my life? I know at least some of you have heard the song from the late 1960’s called In the year 2525. That’s something I reflect on this time of year as we humans take all the natural resources mother earth can give and barley put back nothing-whoa whoa.

When you think about all the things they predicted back in I believe 1969 that we’d have test tube babies, food in a pill it’s amazing how scientists and inventors keep making the science fiction and these things become a reality. The words to the song were hard to make out especially years ago when you heard it on the radio or on vinyl. Still they spoke of divine intervention, Judgement day or Armageddon as our movies have. Depending on your beliefs the words center around a supreme being which all religions acknowledge. And on earth day as we look around at all the beautiful creation around us and just why do we consider all this creation so beautiful to behold?

It makes you wonder. And then there’s you and me and what do we leave behind? Will it be something great, is it our children to carry on after us? Will we make a positive contribution to mankind and be remembered for what we’ve done? It’s up to us, think green whatever you believe is a positive influence and go with it-so it’s a job well done.

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