Hope the guiding light of life

Hope is what drives inventors and entrepreneurs to new discoveries. Hope is the motivating factor behind most successful businesses. Hope is what the weary, destitute and yes some veterans rely on to see the next day. If it wasn’t for hope this old world might as well quit spinning because all would be lost. It’s the best friend to the disabled, the injured and rehabilitating person because they can see beyond the present circumstances.

Hope is what newcomers see when they approach New York in the Statue of Liberty. It’s so entwined in  our everyday lives it’s what ballplayers are praying for during the Star Spangled Banner- not to mention the fans. It’s so basic that we are hoping for things to pan out the way we planned that we think about it sometimes hundreds of time in a single day.

Hope is everywhere. It’s a family thing when the kids are away the parents pray that they return home safe and the children feel likewise when their parents are away. Hope is the guiding light to virtually each and every one of our lives as we travel down the path we’re on. Is hope overused? It can’t be, there’s never enough hope in the world because if there was an overabundance it would be perhaps like Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz.

Without hope, well a day without sunshine doesn’t sum it up enough. Hope is what we all have to hold on to regardless of the situation. Just remember all those dreamers that hoped they could fly, that wanted to talk to their loved ones so far away-hope made it possible. Keep hope in your heart and you’ll have that light to see the journey your on and stay the course to your heart’s desire.

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