Empty feeling like something’s missing

Until you’ve lost a parent it’s hard to comprehend this feeling. Losing both not only gives you a different outlook on mortality it leaves you with a hollow hole where they used to be. Of course time is a healer of these mortality wounds but it’s also suddenly your new enemy. The only thing I can see as worse is the case of my grandmother who lost two of her sons at a very, very early age to cancer. She was the most amazing lady I’ve ever known. My wife tells me that she never met anyone like Mable.

My grandma ran a bar called Tapp’s Tap for I think over 50 years- she worked it until she was 91! The amazing thing about her was her outlook on life. Absolutely nothing shook her, she kept her great attitude even after losing my grandpa when he was still in his 40’s and she had to run the bar by herself. Anyone else I know would have their down times but my grandma was always cheerful, happy and laughing. She would impart the best advice as most bartenders do but her’s was special because she set you on a positive path.

I guess the best thing for me at this point is to take a positive outlook on things going forward. That would have been part of her advice I’ll just have to think what she would do or say about things. This way that empty feeling will soon be filled with new delightful memories.

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