Stop the burn-have a safe 4th

In the southwest especially this time of year when we’re essentially on the equator you learn to prevent the burn during your time outdoors exposed to the sun’s rays. Of course there will be days when you’re caught off guard and get sunburned and then you seek the soothing aloe derived from the Aloe Vera plants that grow all around this area. This year we’ve broke a lot of record high temperatures already and summer has just started.

This holiday weekend there will be countless cases of people that spend their time outdoors and all too many will be sore-fully unprepared with sunscreen. People will be out on the lakes skiing, fishing, playing volleyball and just sun bathing. Others will be swimming, golfing, playing tennis or working in their yards with similar stories. If you don’t use a waterproof sunscreen you still may end up being a casualty of sunburn and begin bearing the lobster look- be sure to use a body gel that has vitamin E and aloe to cool the burn.

This Independence Day weekend, have an enjoyable, exciting and great time; keep hydrated and revel in celebration, enjoy the fireworks honoring America’s freedom. Wherever you are I bid you a safe and happy holiday weekend. Have fun at whatever you do and remember to “be careful out there.”

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