Desert: Hot, dry but full of sounds

A song from the 70’s that spoke of clear images of where I’ve been this second half of my life was “A horse with no name” by America. They said, “the heat was hot and the ground was dry but the air was full of sounds.”This is quite true. It’s also true that there’s life, plants, birds and rocks and things and sand and hills and typically a sky without clouds. Being out in the desert most anyone’s skin will burn in much less than two days and you better have water or you may not make it three days.

The interesting thing about America who I saw perform live here in Arizona about 20 years ago is that they were sons of U.S. servicemen stationed in England forming there in 1970. Dewey Bunnell wrote the song based on his desert experience in Arizona and New Mexico while stationed with his Dad at an Air Force base in southern California. Also interesting is this song beat out Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” another song dear to my heart, for the number one spot in 1972.

“The story it told of a river that flowed made me sad to think it was dead.” Has always made me sad to see it up close but it does come back to life every time it really rains, when it pours. That’s another song and another story about southern California.

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