Things we are leaving behind


There are so many things left behind, more than be accounted for. Of course there’s going to be regret for some of those things but we have to live in the present and look towards the future, that’s progress. Most importantly can we learn from the things we left behind not to repeat history. We are embarking on a new destination, this will be one that takes time but will be parting with so many things as we “downsize” to prepare for our new direction as we start planning our tiny home.

Have you heard about the “Tiny Home” movement? It’s been sweeping the country taking America by storm and many other countries as well. You can get up to speed on FYI and HGTV with the tiny home movement and many other shows regarding this phenomenon. The attractive feature about the tiny houses is that because they’re small so is the cost so many people can own their own home without a mortgage. This has been very popular with millennials as well as the baby boomers who want to downsize to be able to afford retiring. Another feature is so many tiny houses are put on wheels so the owners can travel as they please.

Across the planet there are already tiny house communities that live and work together in harmony. This particular blog is dedicated to the tiny home movement, the downsizing, getting rid of the clutter in our lives. We are involved in developing a tiny home community in Arizona. This would also be so close to the big city but actually on Native American land with the influence of our predecessors.  The community would be like casitas for rent similar to a resort or hotel room in size.

I tied adding a poll but anyway we’re hoping you could take a minute to give us a little feedback on this endeavor.

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3 thoughts on “Things we are leaving behind

  1. It is a good idea, but it would be especially good and useful to not only American society, but to our humanity, if this community were not another sensational, touristy type places that would make a profit, but if it were actually sustainable for regular good folks who don’t want to buy into the greater culture of usury that is harder and harder to escape. Best wishes to you.

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    1. You’re right. This will be owned, run and manned by Native Americans. There will be a cultural center and area to show and sell their crafts. Eventually there will be storytellers and opportunities to learn their culture.
      There’s a need for revitalizing their culture.

      Thank you for the great comments.

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  2. I have never looked at tiny houses in that light. Thank you. I am surprised America didn’t have it already. In my country we have houses of all sizes. Neighbourhoods with tiny houses are a lot. But so are those with ridiculously hige houses. What matters is that everyone has a home they can afford.

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