Life like a melody

It’s happened to everyone, you get a melody in your head and it replays over and over and you can’t get it out. Sometimes you just go with the flow loving and enduring the rerun in your mind. There are times you have a soothing song on the brain and other times it’s just the catchy rhythm that keeps you hanging on. Such is life.

Life is a roller coaster for most of us. There’s the highs and the lows and sometimes it goes on and on like the song stuck in your head. Most music genres have artists where their song starts out slow and builds up with each verse reaching a climax and often with an abrupt ending while others finish with the crescendo. In essence a soundtrack and a life-track run in a parallel fashion.

What’s the key to a successful song or a successful life? There’s no succinct, no right or wrong answer per se but true success can be measured by the kind and amount of influence, how you’ve made a difference in the world. One would argue that a songs success is measured by the sales and life by your celebrity status, how much wealth you’ve amassed or how well you’re known. Honestly if you don’t see it as how many lives were touched by the song or by the life you are missing the point.

Life is like a rolling stone, day after day sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one from the other but you need to stop and see what a beautiful world it is. Many see life as a long and winding road and you need to remember to hold your head up when times are tough. Keeping an eye of the tiger attitude is fine but remember to try a little tenderness for it’s kindness that wins more hearts. With the right song in your heart you can reach your dreams.

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