Setting a scene

Television and movies directors spend a great deal of time in the setting of a scene.  Of course, scenes vary from the tame and docile to the exciting and frantic spectrums. It’s not uncommon for the opening scene in a television show or a movie to start out peaceful and quiet. But particularly today’s action movies start out with fast-paced conflict and struggles. Box office numbers revealed that high-speed action captures the audience early on and holds their attention.

The same principles apply to posting on the internet. Sure most everybody likes the classic piano playing cat video but thrilling action catches the viewers attention. Does your story need fast-action appeal for a kickstart? That is up to you and whether the action fits in with your storyline.

As the writer only you know how and where the scenes play out in your production. Is a rock-n-roll beginning the best way to begin your story? Then again perhaps your storyline is more of a waltz or something that builds a crescendo into a fever pitch. Whatever your theme is, be sure to use the appropriate direction as the director.

One thought on “Setting a scene

  1. I remember reading long ago, when writing an article or query letter, put an exciting hook in the first paragraph or you’ll lose the reader. But then the expectation is that if the hook is good enough, they will keep reading the page. On the ‘net, sometimes it feels like the hook, your “fast-action appeal for a kickstart”, is all people give, just the headline or paragraph, and nothing follows to provide it with substance or context. I am astonished that tweets have become a news source. I recently have discovered blogs which has made me happy. While I find in reading others, yes the first paragraph is important or I won’t keep reading, the following paragraphs fills out the person’s thoughts expressed in the first paragraph giving the kickstart depth. Writing and reading is in fashion among bloggers and that’s a good thing.

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