NFL players ascent marred by politics

In all my years of watching professional football, I’ve never seen anything like this. Attendance and viewing have dropped to an all-time low for the NFL. After all, fans pay to see these millionaires play the game, to perform for their amusement. The political stunts have created millions of ex-NFL fans.

Fans know that the protesting players are doing this in an anti-patriotic exhibit. Players claim that they are protesting for civil rights-really? The media has been quiet about this fact that the players are politically forced to protest by their union.

The union president Eric Winston called President Trump’s remarks to Commissioner Goodell’s memo “a slap in the face of civil rights heroes” but NFL fans don’t support Winston’s statement. Goodall sent a memo to all 32 teams asking them to stand for the national anthem and our President applauded the memo. The NFL Hall of Fame has just placed nearly 800 flags all around the perimeter in Canton, Ohio in a patriotic stand for Huddle Up America.

The players union NFLPA is to blame for the worst attendance in NFL history. You can look on Youtube and see season ticket holders burning their tickets because they don’t want to see these rich, elite anti-patriot, anti-veteran folks air their laundry.


4 thoughts on “NFL players ascent marred by politics

      1. The ball players are Millionaires they protest the fans are not coming to the game the owners lose money and it will be a matter of time before they will start cutting some of their millionaire players. So you see the players have a lot to lose. They can easily end the protest and their livelihood.
        So you should ask yourself someone who have a lot to loose is putting it on the line to protest against Police brutality; what if it trickles down to those who have nothing to loose. You may have a rebellion


  1. If that is really the players beef then they selected the wrong venue to exhibit it. Fans, military and ex-military view the players’ attitude as unappreciative and un-American. Players are subsequently viewed as pouty, rich kids that look down from their ivory towers. Fans don’t want to see that kind of display of disrespect during our anthem. If the players don’t take their rebellion to interviews and press conferences then fans will continue to drop until there is no longer an NFL. The players can go back to playing in a sandlot for their own amusement.

    Again, if that is the consensus the players must change their setting because the way it stands it’s an insult to the integrity of this great nation. If it wasn’t for the fans, the players would be working real jobs (maybe no job at all), if it wasn’t for the military providing the freedom to live and play here another flag may be waving that takes away their freedom forever.

    Sports figures need to realize that our National Anthem is next to holy. Mistreating it is the issue regardless of how they view it.


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