Sunrise moonglow

How often does the moon appear like this during sunrise? We’re accustomed to seeing both high above our heads throughout the day and/or night. Of course, the birds have their birds-eye-view of the event from atop a light pole.

Both heavenly bodies are taken for granted and without one or the other, our planet would be devastated if not uninhabitable. Why is the sight of something like this so pleasing to not only our eyes but to the other forms of life?

Scientists claim they are just the result of the collision of planets and viola there you have earth. Still, in our hearts we know there’s more to the story than that. Many, nay, most people can appreciate the beauty of all of mother nature. The question that remains is why do we find it so incredible? The answer comes from Creationist scientists that say this was all created by a Supreme Being. The many religions agree with that assessment and the fact that so many cities small and large have churches on many corners supports the creator thesis.


3 thoughts on “Sunrise moonglow

  1. Well, there is some sense in this. Nature could not have just happened with all the harmony in it. There is a supreme being that put it all together. But as to the source of that being, we cannot now know. He created us with incredible minds but they are still for now limited. We can’t know everything. Maybe, in future, we’ll know that; when such a future comes, cannot even be imagined.

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      1. Any sensible person knows that there is a being more than human beings. We call him God in English. That is what has been handed down to us. This supreme being revealed himself to us. That revelation is what we call the Holy Bible. He couldn’t have left us in darkness about himself. We keep studying that revelation to better know him; what he stands for; what he likes and dislikes; and how we can relate to him.

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