Super Bowl -Predetermined?

I know a majority of the country is shocked to see this year’s Super Bowl with the Rams versus the Patriots. The officiating in both games was perhaps the worst in playoff history and both games went overtime and both home teams lost.

In the Rams and Saints game at the very end of the game, the Rams committed a flagrant (no call) what should have been two call fouls. First, the Rams cornerback made head jarring helmet contact with the receiver. The second call should be because it was before the ball got to the receiver-textbook pass interference.

The Patriots were virtually not penalized while the Chiefs were the focus of the refs. They reversed a muffed punt by New England late in the game and the roughing the passer call against Kansas City enabled the Patriots to win the game.

Of course, commissioner Goodell was present at the Patriots game. Was the game orchestrated behind the scenes?


When it rains it pours

Arizona has unique weather. The song from the “70’s” “It never rains in Southern California”  I believe is more appropriate for Phoenix. The above tree damage is one of hundreds if not thousands around the valley. We’re at the peak of “Monsoon” season where we get a dust storm, at least this past week, every night with high winds and sometimes is accompanied by intense rain.

Phoenix has been in a drought for about 20 years or more, we go for six to nine months without a trace of precipitation. But, the summer monsoons always wreck destruction on the valley and while the rain is damaging it’s still a blessing for us.

Anywhere else in the country when it rains people seek shelter but when it’s coming down kids and oftentimes adults are dancing in the street. You have to take the good with the bad. Water is always good, it’s natures way in Phoenix when it finally happens it really pours!

Monkey wrenched plans

One of the greatest feelings is when a plan you developed comes together. On the flip side is really sucks when your plans develop a wrinkle in them or are foiled altogether. In everyday life, an example of a wrinkle in your daily schedule is you jump in your vehicle just to run to the store. You barely even get started when you have a little fender bender.

Not only does that dampen your plans or end them all together, when it happens you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maybe it’s not a car accident but an accident at home gives you the same sick feeling. For most of us, there’s that deja vu sensation again. You’re glad it’s very minor but you think of the insurance repercussions. It’s no picnic.

Then perhaps you are one of the very few that have gone through life without any wrinkle in your plans. Even if you’re a Monk, I still doubt you’ve escaped the monkey-wrench in your plans scenario.

Still, we make plans and always hope for the best. That’s what life is all about.

How you deal with a conundrum builds character

Most of us encounter at least one problem every day. Depending on the severity, difficulty, and urgency of the situation our response measures not only what we’re made of it defines us. I’m not referring to a simple puzzle but a serious dilemma. Keeping your cool, remaining calm, analyzing the gravity of the situation and the best-suited solution is key. I’m not bad at analyzing the state of affairs but I’ve always been amazed at how well my wife remains calm and has a calming effect on all involved. It’s hours later that the dangerousness of the event hits her and it’s my turn to provide consolement. That’s how a soul-mate team works with years of practice.

Life is full of emergencies, trials, and tribulations. The choices we make not only make the difference but they often make a difference in the lives of those around you. As I said before relatively simple events can change our lives and the lives of others much like  George Bailey in the seasonal classic Christmas movie It’s a wonderful life“. You may not realize the ramifications today and perhaps never like George did.

So watch out for your fellow man, lend him a helping hand and put a little love in your heart- right out of another classic “Scrooged” starring Bill Murray and a host of others. The holidays are a difficult time for a lot of people. Don’t throw away God’s greatest gift, life. Take a lesson from Jimmy Stewart, because it is a wonderful life.

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Have you been on the border, the edge?

It’s safe to say that we’ve probably all been to the border, the edge and at the end of our rope on occasion perhaps some more than others. Things like stress, raising teenagers and for some dealing with bureaucracy has pushed your nerves to the brink. You know it’s the boiling point to the edge of your mind. The most severe example being at the end of your rope is generally a one-time deal, its when you hit rock bottom. A lot of people will never come to those cross roads, it wasn’t in the cards for them.

Then there’s the twenty questions from your child, children or coworkers all at once that crashes your thought capacity like a computer going down. What you do next, how you respond defines you. Erupting or exploding may feel like the only recourse but there’s a lot of constructive responses that will also prevent re-occurrences. A key is a calm response despite how frantic they are.  Slowly, efficiently addressing their concerns in a prioritized manner and then subsequent steps to follow help to defuse the situation and restore their respect and faith in you.

Of course it isn’t all that easy and you do need a moment to process that overload of information. But give your mind some credit, you heard virtually all that was thrown at you and anything you miss will be brought up again and your response will be in accordance to your prioritization of the information. Responding in this manner becomes a win/win for all parties involved.

Actual southern border

Like in the picture above here in Arizona we deal with the Mexican border. Its not good or bad unless you’re caught in the crossfire. Yes the cartels are very active in this part of the country. The border patrol here, in New Mexico and El Paso are heavily burdened with traffic. As an individual if you run into them and don’t get out of the way you’ll be collateral damage. Regardless of your views on marijuana the different legalization measures have cut into the cartel’s profits so they’re switching gears. So, beware of a tall dark stranger if he comes riding in to your town, a tall dark stranger is danger. Sing it Buck.


Test is a four letter word

Most of us developed an aversion to testing as far back as we can remember. The images that come to mind about an exam are filled with anxiety and stress. Tests weren’t devised as a method of torture but as a meaningful measure of learning. The anxiety, tension and stress proved to be an inaccurate  evaluation for many but that’s why teachers were there to assess our knowledge in other ways. Forgive me, I couldn’t resist the Pink Floyd link above.

I was surprised at how many blogs are dedicated to writing and many appeared with this daily post word. Mine was dedicated to writing too but it got a little off track when life happened. When you think about it we’re tested all the time every day from the moment we arise in making decisions. We’re generally in competition within our jobs and we’re put to the test all day long so life is a contest that’s a necessary way of the world.

Life puts us through more trials than we could ever have imagined, at least in most cases. Of course each and every decision we make has the potential to change the course of our lives. You don’t have to be a great influencer, we all leave a footprint, an impression on those we come in contact with. Relatively simple events can change our lives and the lives of others much like George Bailey in “It’s a wonderful life”. 

The challenges and goals we set can determine and direct our lives as the future unfolds before us. Once you have a plan in place, follow the steps, then you can reach your short term and long term goals. The question that remains is how disciplined are you at following that plan-I confess it’s a routine challenge for me. Regardless of where you set your sights just be careful out there and take care.

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Quest for life

This week was a quest for my very life! No joke. Early last Friday my wife and I  found ourselves about to give the largest of our rescued (December 2015 kittens) a necessary bath in the kitchen sink. In what seemed to be the longest minute of our lives we fought and struggled to soon see the sink bottom red with blood-our blood. Scotchy  was a biting scratching machine every micro-second of that minute.  At least we got all our blood washed out of his tail before we let him go.

After letting him go we gazed upon each other bewildered at what just happened. My wife received several bites and numerous scratches on both arms and hands, mine were confined to primarily my left appendage that appeared to be his “chew toy” for the moment. We both went to urgent care independently that day, I went early she went later. Over the weekend her wounds appeared to be healing while the one on my knuckles were not. By Monday morning I was in our doctors office on a different antibiotic and instructions to follow. That night she took me to the emergency room.

After a day in the hospital with an IV and little improvement I went into surgery. I was released late Thursday night and saw the hand specialist this morning again.  It turns out that the bite went down to the tendon and joint where no amount of antibiotics would be able to reach. Infections can be life-threatening. I know after witnessing my Mother and my wife both having close calls with death from tiny infections and now firsthand from mine.

The moral of the story if you will is a few things: Never grab a cat by the tail as Buck Owens said in “I’ve got a tiger by the tail” I won’t be much when you get through with me. Don’t assume a feral cat will respond like a domestic one. Take precautions and remember that water is the greatest fear of most cats.

I was deep in prayer as I fought for my life and many friends were also keeping me in their prayers during this perilous time and it’s not over yet. I’ll be on antibiotics for nearly a month yet and start physical therapy next week because I’ve been unable to move the two center fingers since the incident. Several people are telling me that’s an expensive cat you have there and “get rid of it.” But he doesn’t realize he did anything wrong; how can you blame him?


Adage for the ages

It all began when I worked at a trade in a cabinet-shop. The crew working there were from vary different backgrounds. We had a high school student, a musician people from other trades and even a guy with underworld connections. Most of all I befriended a relative of one of the owners who was a biochemistry professor at a National college until he gave it up because of his principles to work there.

Doc as I called him since he was the only one with a PHD had many philosophical, intellectual discussions with myself and another worker during our lunch hours. It was during this time that I coined the phrase or adage here.

“Why do I bang my head against the wall? Because it feels so good when I stop.” I know it’s simple but it got a lot of laughs over the years and at least for me get a sense of relief during periods of frustration.

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Wicked Witch

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

It happened this very month almost to this very day five years ago. I was working at my desk when she suddenly sat down across from me. She sighed and said, “That’s it I’m out, I’m done. ” I didn’t know exactly what she was talking about but I soon discovered when she didn’t leave.

Was she invited? No. Not unless the casual “if you have nowhere else to go we have a room, counts.” She was suddenly moving in with us and we soon found ourselves selling and giving away our furniture and more to make room for hers. Wait it gets better. We had to be in a trance.

Okay, so she’s moved in with her prized possessions and the rest in an air conditioned storage facility we paid for. Next we began finding our own prized everyday possessions disappearing so I finally asked her if she knew anything about it. “Huh, oh that wasn’t any good so I threw it out.”  It was to make more room for more of her stuff. The way she cackled when she laughed could be heard at the neighbors. Speaking of which they never came around anymore or did our friends or other relatives after meeting the witch.

For my wife and I just the thought of going home to the dreadful, shocking atmosphere kept us away from home more and more. The inconsiderate smoking and 24/7 playing of a book very loud had us in fear of our own home.

Finally after almost two years of this we came up with a plan to get her out. So we invested in a retirement resort property, spent money we didn’t have preparing it to her satisfaction and she moved out.

The story doesn’t end there, remember it was five years ago. As you can imagine she was too busy buying more possessions to pay us much of anything for her own private castle. Finally after we once again couldn’t bear the financial pain and running here and there when she could have herself-we evicted her.

Her little castle was less than half the size of ours, which she constantly had complained about, yet her electric and water bills were double and triple what ours were! I mean what kind of a witch swoops in takes everything you have and then continues taking like a vampire? Today we are hoping we are finally free of the evil spell. But Halloween is upon us and we don’t want any tricks. But you never know.

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