How do you progress?

Progress is something that’s desired and acquired day after day. Progress isn’t the same for everyone. Something as simple as a geographical destination for each person using GPS the results should be the same right? No it depends on your point of origin and more importantly if you veer off course your path is bound to be different.

So direction is key in achieving most any goal. Speed is not of importance what is paramount is staying the course putting one foot in front of the other so to speak. When we do that reaching our destination or goals is making progress.

Years ago I used to work as a DJ for weddings and at parties and even a nightclub. I had a set of music that was suitable for the clients and of course I did requests. Looking back it was a lot of fun, setting up all the equipment myself was the most taxing part. At a wedding for example as the day or usually night went on I had dozens of people come up and say, “You know, you’re the greatest.” Generally I know it was the liquor talking but it felt nice to be appreciated.

I closed nearly every show with my best wishes for the bride & groom or customers as they imparted on their walk of life. Then I would play Walk of Life by Dire Straights, an awesome song about where you’re going.


When it rains it pours

Arizona has unique weather. The song from the “70’s” “It never rains in Southern California”  I believe is more appropriate for Phoenix. The above tree damage is one of hundreds if not thousands around the valley. We’re at the peak of “Monsoon” season where we get a dust storm, at least this past week, every night with high winds and sometimes is accompanied by intense rain.

Phoenix has been in a drought for about 20 years or more, we go for six to nine months without a trace of precipitation. But, the summer monsoons always wreck destruction on the valley and while the rain is damaging it’s still a blessing for us.

Anywhere else in the country when it rains people seek shelter but when it’s coming down kids and oftentimes adults are dancing in the street. You have to take the good with the bad. Water is always good, it’s natures way in Phoenix when it finally happens it really pours!

Truth or false front

Halloween isn’t the only time we dress up in costumes. For most of us anyway it may be the only time we elevate our appearance to a costume. But many of us wear a mask everyday trying to be somebody else.

At home we let our real self out but in public and at work we try to look and act like someone who we would like to be. We’ve all done it especially during our school days. By day we’re this super popular socialite but at home we’re, well our-self.

Is it unhealthy living this duel-personality? There are some shrinks that would say it is then again most would say no it’s not. Like most things it’s dependent on whether we live it to the extreme like a true schizophrenic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The key is a moderation, you need to remain who you are, knowing that your true identity won’t slip away.

Super puzzling

The big game is only a matter of hours away. Despite the typical promotions, pomp, and circumstance the interest by fans is minimal. The two teams have the same record, nearly identical statistics so it should prove to be a better game than some in the past. Why the disinterest?

I’ve heard numerous radio personalities making these aforementioned statements about the Super Bowl and one reason they came up with that sounds feasible is the fact that it’s being held in frosty Minnesota. I mean the Pro Bowl was held in rainy Florida this year instead of Hawaii and we’re accustomed to the Super Bowl being played in a warmer climate especially those living in the northern parts of the country.

That may account for a small percentage of the disinterest. I believe this puzzled quandary is the culmination of this entire season. Anyone that has followed the huge controversy this year where many of the millionaire players that are paid to entertain us refused to stand for our National Anthem.

This inconsiderate act by hundreds of players across the league has led to fans burning their season tickets, a huge drop in attendance and of course an enormous drop in viewers on television as well.  Our veterans have been thoroughly disgusted by the players’ display (Vets provided their freedom to play the game) as are the fans. The players and the cowardly Commissioner should have picked a different time and place to air their concerns because millions of fans have boycotted your season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Congratulations players you have officially elevated the other sports to the top spots once again as the NFL has plummeted to new lows.

NFL players ascent marred by politics

In all my years of watching professional football, I’ve never seen anything like this. Attendance and viewing have dropped to an all-time low for the NFL. After all, fans pay to see these millionaires play the game, to perform for their amusement. The political stunts have created millions of ex-NFL fans.

Fans know that the protesting players are doing this in an anti-patriotic exhibit. Players claim that they are protesting for civil rights-really? The media has been quiet about this fact that the players are politically forced to protest by their union.

The union president Eric Winston called President Trump’s remarks to Commissioner Goodell’s memo “a slap in the face of civil rights heroes” but NFL fans don’t support Winston’s statement. Goodall sent a memo to all 32 teams asking them to stand for the national anthem and our President applauded the memo. The NFL Hall of Fame has just placed nearly 800 flags all around the perimeter in Canton, Ohio in a patriotic stand for Huddle Up America.

The players union NFLPA is to blame for the worst attendance in NFL history. You can look on Youtube and see season ticket holders burning their tickets because they don’t want to see these rich, elite anti-patriot, anti-veteran folks air their laundry.

Common Sense and obvious

One might think the two words are synonymous with another but not really, in fact with time over generations it appears that one or both of these basic instincts are no longer part of our leaders though process. I’m not going to rail on about this because it’s obvious to the rest of us. But the mainstream media is another story.

There are times that they have “a tremendous command of the obvious” like when they cover a fire or something of that nature. The disturbing fact is how selective the media is. Just this week the media was silent on the ties of an aide to “radical Muslim” which is something we should all know about concerning our national security. “Common sense” a great piece of work by one of our Forefathers-dictates that we the people should know the facts for liberty’s sake. For the press to do otherwise becomes propaganda which is used by fascist countries.

Have you ever felt like one of those students in Pink Floyd’s the “Another brick in the Wall”?  With almost 170 million views on YouTube-it’s popular. If you haven’t felt it ever, perhaps its too late for you. You maybe marching in line oblivious to the manipulation of your mind. Still, if you’re reading this you aren’t one that’s marching blindly to an institution that says “you do this and that and that but none of the above applies to those directing personally. To sum it up I like the Who’s version of I’m free. Be free.

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Empty feeling like something’s missing

Until you’ve lost a parent it’s hard to comprehend this feeling. Losing both not only gives you a different outlook on mortality it leaves you with a hollow hole where they used to be. Of course time is a healer of these mortality wounds but it’s also suddenly your new enemy. The only thing I can see as worse is the case of my grandmother who lost two of her sons at a very, very early age to cancer. She was the most amazing lady I’ve ever known. My wife tells me that she never met anyone like Mable.

My grandma ran a bar called Tapp’s Tap for I think over 50 years- she worked it until she was 91! The amazing thing about her was her outlook on life. Absolutely nothing shook her, she kept her great attitude even after losing my grandpa when he was still in his 40’s and she had to run the bar by herself. Anyone else I know would have their down times but my grandma was always cheerful, happy and laughing. She would impart the best advice as most bartenders do but her’s was special because she set you on a positive path.

I guess the best thing for me at this point is to take a positive outlook on things going forward. That would have been part of her advice I’ll just have to think what she would do or say about things. This way that empty feeling will soon be filled with new delightful memories.

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The terrifying blank page

Every writer has experienced it- the blank page. This time my screen was this way for hours, the cursor was just blinking. I went and did a few dozen other things just to get away from it. How hard can it be to start writing?

It’s a malady that strikes writers more often than you would think, they have a proper name for it, you know it “Writer’s block”. How does one overcome it you ask? The key is to get started writing something so the thoughts continue to flow. You can always go back and edit or change it later, just keep it going.

How do you know if you have it or if it’s gone? The proof is on the paper or on the screen in this case. You have your solution just get down to it.

Write, write and write some more, write like there’s now tomorrow and you won’t have to worry at all. Until the next time.

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Personal posts make the connection

My blog started with the intention of reporting on the process of my book publication and copywriting beginnings. Looking back I see the posts that were of most interest were those that focused on personal details about myself and actually that’s what I’m looking for in other blogs too. Still, I find that quite surprising but I haven’t really had a blog before, all the writing I’ve done has been in columns or articles or marketing materials.

We made the move from the frozen tundra to paradise or the “oven” as some call Arizona the same year the Cardinals moved from St. Louis. We have not regretted the transition except sometimes during the heat of the summer or during a dust storm. Dust storms are a common occurrence during the summer in the “monsoon” season. I’ve also witnessed  a “sandstorm” in Monument Valley several years ago. They’re similar but enough sandstorms can take the paint off your car.

We moved in the early fall so the weather was still nice back east and at 102 with no humidity it made summer last until the next spring. Arizona starts heating up typically in early May but last year it was gorgeous 90 degrees or less until June. Upon arriving we were in an apartment complex and as Thanksgiving neared we were still swimming in the community pool but nobody else was. Living in the southwest thins your blood so when it’s cooler or cold you feel it deep down to your bones unlike a visitor. Snowbirds, are what makes the economy move here.

We currently have a perfect property for snowbirds for sale. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath just over 1100 square foot property.

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Night Owl baby

For night owls the traditional nine to five is a tedious life especially when it’s even earlier than that. My wife and I are both night owls we’re by nature nocturnal loving the nightlife and actually doing some of our best work after hours. Regardless if you truly love your job if it’s not in line with your internal clock sometimes it can prove counter productive.

Many of my friends are early birds I mean they live for rising with the sun and before it during this time of year. I don’t have a problem with getting up early on a weekend to go golfing at sunrise but I’ve played better rounds when the sun is setting.

For some strange reason night owl people think clearer later in the day than earlier. Basic writing, the  formulation of thoughts comes easier in the night. The early birds may rule the day but after night falls they’re getting tired simply because their clock has them up so early.

Besides, the lights of the city beat the sunshine over the city every time.

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