A juicy story brewing

More people are history buffs than you would imagine. In fact, there are more people interested in the history behind the Salem witch trials as evident with all the TV shows, movies, and documentaries. The supernatural is something that science cannot explain so it mystifies people and plenty of juicy stories originate from the early beginnings.

The witch burning, hangings, and the little-known laying weights or heavy stones on their chests to obtain a confession or until it often killed them are all a curious thing. Back then some men in power used the process to eliminate their competition. Sad how people could react and allow such terrible things to be done because of fear. But we don’t have any of that today -right?

So back in the day, we had the TV show Bewitched and the more recent movie by the same name. My favorites are Hocus Pocus starring Bette Midler which is more of a comedy along with Practical Magic starring Sandra Bullock and Nichole Kidman. Then there’s Witches of Eastwick and literally hundreds of other movies and TV shows. Who out there is amazed that Supernatural is in season 12? I personally like “the boys” and their cast of misfits. Maybe it’s the classic rock evident throughout the series.

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How do you stop time from vanishing?

We all know the story. When you’re a kid time seems to stand still. As you enter adolescence time slows or speeds up depending on the situation. Then you finally reach 21 and the world is your oyster or so you think it’s the time of your life. It’s the age where your parents are suddenly stupid. Then you begin to realize things are more complicated than you thought. And then you turn thirty.

You no longer wish for time to hurry now you see it vanishing almost before your eyes. This is where you have the realization that time is no longer on your side (nor is it on Mick Jaggers side anymore) and you wish you could at least slow it down. The words you heard as a kid come back to haunt you saying, “time only goes faster as you age”.

As time passes albeit more rapidly with every day you begin to see the need to set priorities and you begin to see the value in pictures and video recordings that account for time spent. Do you have regrets, no not many though time is now somewhat of an enemy? We all begin to wonder how to stop time from vanishing?

There is no simple solution or answer but you can document the important events in your life before they slip away if you haven’t already recorded them. That doesn’t slow things down but this way you retain the memories indefinitely. If you’re hard pressed to remember what slow moving time is like try doing some tedious tasks that are repetitious.

To better appreciate your time try living like this is the first day and the last day of your life. It will bring a new fresh perspective to everything you do. Cherish the time with loved ones including pets. Make time for family quality time. Many of us skip vacations because we’re too busy, buried in our jobs and trying to “make hay” for a rainy day. Try to take a vacation every year and in Arizona, you may want to include a weekend getaway from the heat too.

Pink Floyd had a classic in the 70’s called Time if you haven’t heard it speaks of life this way at times through an existentialist viewpoint but entertaining for most none the less. The song spoke to me as ten years got behind me since high school.Dealing with time is something we all have to work out in our own way. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

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Travlin man craving

I typically associate the term craving with food especially chocolate. Thinking about lunch or dinner I tend to sometimes have a craving for a particular cuisine, you know something comes to mind. Here my mind is following my heart and I have a yearning to travel. I traveled the country a lot when I was the National Account Manager for a Quartz stone company but that was ten years ago. My wife and I only travel once a year for our vacation and that’s just not enough. There’s far too much to see and take in out there.

The title refers to the Bob Seger song Travlin Man although I can remember Ricky Nelson’s version from when I was a little kid. I’m also thinking of Segar’s Ramblin Gamlin Man tune that has a nice traveling beat to it. There’s no doubt about it we like millions of other Americans want to take to the highway to see the sights. We’re considering a goose-neck trailer truck, if we can find one we really like or we’ll build our own tiny home.

I believe we all crave vacations, time to get away from all the everyday work routine and catch some R & R. Depending on your lot in life, if you’ve been with a company a long time or you have a government job you have the luxury of longer vacations but most of us are restricted to a one to two week stint. It’s nearly impossible to travel overseas with a short vacation that’s why we’re actually looking forward to the day we can retire so we can travel as far and as long as we like. Til then- happy trails.

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Make Vacations last

If I had a choice on what I could do to speed up or slow down I’d slow down vacations to a crawl so they’s last a lot longer. You know the time zips by and you’re back at the grind before you know it. The work week often, not always drags on compared to vacations. So I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.

Is it possible to slow down the pace to make your vacation last longer? If you lock yourself up in your hotel room does it slow the pace down? Actually we tried that a year ago or so when we spent a week in San Diego. We didn’t plan on spending a lot of time in our room but they had a record breaking heat wave that closed the public schools because they don’t have air conditioning. The temperature was 105 with high humidity making it very uncomfortable to do anything outdoors for a few days.

As the heat wave ended we spent the rest of our vacation seeing the sights, on the beach etc. and time sped up again. Wasting away in a hotel room wasn’t our idea of a vacation even though that time seemed to drag on so I’d rather not do it again. Have fun, enjoy your time away. Time rolls on and I’ll take having fun over living like a hermit any day.


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Sedona never again-nah

The views the red rocks of Sedona, to say I’d never want to see it again would be a lie. If you’re unable to return is one thing but how can you choose not to see all the awe inspiring scenery again?

For so many of us the trip can be part of a timeshare presentation. Ah yes a captive audience to hear a high pressure sales pitch. If only standard sales were that easy. Nonetheless it`s an uneasy situation enduring a timeshare vacation yet Sedona is so beautiful.

Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon in particular have served as the backdrop for many western movies. It`s just the kind of setting you expect to envision cowboys in. I know I look forward to the next trip not long after returning home.

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Lasting Memories

Memories generally speaking are the one thing we hold on to no matter where our travels take us. Looking back at this time in New Orleans one that stands out is the dinner riverboat ride we took. It was a unique experience. As you can see in the photo we were in a long line to board our cruise ship. It’s a real paddle boat, I have picture of another paddle boat going the other direction on the mighty Mississippi.

It was a perfect evening in fact there was a crescent moon over the crescent city that night which doesn’t happen very often. After everyone is seated inside the vessel the Captain comes on introducing himself and telling us what we have in store. Next was the buffet dinner. It featured all the local favorite dishes from gumbo to Jambalaya and seafood dishes. Naturally banjo music accompanied the meal.

After the we filled up on all the goodies we were invited to any of the upper decks to enjoy the view and the continuous banjo music. The lights of the city loomed in front of us until we reached near the turnaround point up river then they were but a glow in the sky. The night sky was clean, fresh and something to see under the stars. We met people from around the country including a couple ladies from “down under”. We had a marvelous time conversing with them learning of their travels and their native country. We enjoyed the time so much before we knew it we were back in the city coming about to park at the dock again.

Take time get out and about and explore this old world there are so many sights to see and experiences to be had. See so many that you’ll have a rich archive to sort through to find your favorite memories.

The Big Easy

P_20151015_164027New Orleans the crescent city with it‘s rich French heritage is the origin of Jazz. Tomorrow through the weekend is the BBQ Blues Festival featuring a multitude of blues and jazz players.

Other attractions are the National WWII Museum, Civil War museum and Audubon Aquarium. If you come to visit be sure to catch a riverboat cruise. The evening dinner cruise is perfect this time of year. Bring your appetite to enjoy the Cajun cuisine.

From the beginning after Labor Day

2012-09-21 14.57.37

Refreshing, relaxing mountaintop view.

Breathe it in, the peaceful and wonderfully sweet aromatic, fragrant air you’ll only find in Hawaii. Let the sunshine down on you be it in a dream vacation or experiencing the awe and beauty only found on our fiftieth state. The sights and views are breathtaking and abound so much that you should consider two weeks there instead of one because you’ll miss too much and when will you be back again?

All this is on Oahu the island with Honolulu, the capitol and there’s Pearl harbor with the USS Arizona memorial. The other islands hold even more adventures sure to take your breath away. There are all kinds of tours that cover most all of the island some including a luao party with music, dancing and food.

Sure this all sounds like a plug for a Hawaiian vacation but it’s actually a sample of just one form of writing you come across every day it’s called “copywriting”.