Trick or treats

Trick or treaters dress up in their ghoulish garb every year. Fads and costumes vary with time as do decorations. Parents with children that are trick or treat age typically dress up in costumes as well and most have somebody handing out candy as well.

What isn’t discussed or even given any thought is how many parents continue to decorate, dress up and still hand out candy? The percentage of empty nesters that have grandchildren is still very high but how many still carry the torch for the holiday even though they no longer have a vested interest in Halloween? i.e. no kids or grandkids.

With the little research I did I couldn’t find any statistics on what now are the “baby boomers”. I believe it all depends on the individual. Many have an abundance of reinforcing memories that keeps the spirit alive. How many are familiar with the Monster Mash? Who can forget Thriller? The Boris Karloff laugh at the end really adds to the classic effect.

As you venture out, remember some of those that have their lights off, aren’t home, don’t care for Halloween or have lost the spirit. Happy Halloween one and all.


A juicy story brewing

More people are history buffs than you would imagine. In fact, there are more people interested in the history behind the Salem witch trials as evident with all the TV shows, movies, and documentaries. The supernatural is something that science cannot explain so it mystifies people and plenty of juicy stories originate from the early beginnings.

The witch burning, hangings, and the little-known laying weights or heavy stones on their chests to obtain a confession or until it often killed them are all a curious thing. Back then some men in power used the process to eliminate their competition. Sad how people could react and allow such terrible things to be done because of fear. But we don’t have any of that today -right?

So back in the day, we had the TV show Bewitched and the more recent movie by the same name. My favorites are Hocus Pocus starring Bette Midler which is more of a comedy along with Practical Magic starring Sandra Bullock and Nichole Kidman. Then there’s Witches of Eastwick and literally hundreds of other movies and TV shows. Who out there is amazed that Supernatural is in season 12? I personally like “the boys” and their cast of misfits. Maybe it’s the classic rock evident throughout the series.

The Daily Post

Bludgeon, Halloween leftovers

Halloween may be over but many of us have to wait until the weekend to take down the decorations we put up. This Halloween I had the first that I recall anyway, a parent dressed up as a torturing bully carrying a big bludgeoning stick with many spikes on it. It was intimidating and convincing at the same time. This year we saw yet a different crop of candy seekers. There were the classics, the superheroes and a lot of clever unique creations that were fun and humorous.

Myself, I dressed as Darth Vader and saw the Princess and some storm troopers that paid tribute. I noticed from another blog from someone in a European country where they said they wished they had trick or treat. As Thanksgiving is now on the horizon it may be expressed that I am grateful for the freedom that we have in America. I’m also grateful to all the military people that have defended freedom over the years some giving their very lives.

So, ghouls and goblins make way for sincere gratitude for all the things we all take for granted. Be thankful for life itself, love, family and the company of others. Be thankful for the roof over your head, the food on the table and be very grateful for your health. Pray for those that are unable to partake in any of the above blessings. On Thanksgiving Day after you’ve done all you can to express your sincere gratitude you can gear up for the next event caroling.

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Wicked Witch

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

It happened this very month almost to this very day five years ago. I was working at my desk when she suddenly sat down across from me. She sighed and said, “That’s it I’m out, I’m done. ” I didn’t know exactly what she was talking about but I soon discovered when she didn’t leave.

Was she invited? No. Not unless the casual “if you have nowhere else to go we have a room, counts.” She was suddenly moving in with us and we soon found ourselves selling and giving away our furniture and more to make room for hers. Wait it gets better. We had to be in a trance.

Okay, so she’s moved in with her prized possessions and the rest in an air conditioned storage facility we paid for. Next we began finding our own prized everyday possessions disappearing so I finally asked her if she knew anything about it. “Huh, oh that wasn’t any good so I threw it out.”  It was to make more room for more of her stuff. The way she cackled when she laughed could be heard at the neighbors. Speaking of which they never came around anymore or did our friends or other relatives after meeting the witch.

For my wife and I just the thought of going home to the dreadful, shocking atmosphere kept us away from home more and more. The inconsiderate smoking and 24/7 playing of a book very loud had us in fear of our own home.

Finally after almost two years of this we came up with a plan to get her out. So we invested in a retirement resort property, spent money we didn’t have preparing it to her satisfaction and she moved out.

The story doesn’t end there, remember it was five years ago. As you can imagine she was too busy buying more possessions to pay us much of anything for her own private castle. Finally after we once again couldn’t bear the financial pain and running here and there when she could have herself-we evicted her.

Her little castle was less than half the size of ours, which she constantly had complained about, yet her electric and water bills were double and triple what ours were! I mean what kind of a witch swoops in takes everything you have and then continues taking like a vampire? Today we are hoping we are finally free of the evil spell. But Halloween is upon us and we don’t want any tricks. But you never know.

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