Here assay there assay

You may not realize that you assay things all around you every day. We all examine, analyze and try to attempt to do things every day. The reason we’re not familiar with the term is that the use of the word typically is confined to those working in labs with chemicals or metals. The closest we come to everyday life is when we take something apart to fix it like an engine.

Most of us try to write, some even daily. We all examine and analyze things before we make decisions. As you can see in the photo there aren’t many states that mine for precious and semi-precious metals. Most of this type of mining is out west whereas back east coal is king. Nonetheless, I’m confident that nobody viewing this will be adding the term to their vocabulary.

Now, if you change the vowels and come up with essey, you have a term that’s very European. It refers to furniture design and even a company by that name. Sounds like a lot of Ikea to me.


Gateway to America

It’s widely accepted that the huge arch in St. Louis, Missouri is the gateway to the west. That being a fact and said, I just returned from a quick trip to the Utah mountains. The Wasatch Range of which we spent a majority of our time is the western edge of the Rockies. Mount Nebo at 11,928 feet is over two miles high and is the highest peak of the Wasatch that stretches into Idaho. This is a high, daunting, beautiful gateway to the greater northwest territory. I felt I was on the Top of the world looking down on creation.

After you cross this range you drop into Salt Lake City which is a huge valley much like Phoenix. It’s also the second most arid state after Nevada. Amazingly all 29 of Utah’s counties have mountains. That’s rough country.

There are almost countless canyons across the state that offer breathtaking views and can actually take your breath away because of the thin air. That doesn’t stop the hard-core bicyclists that climb these ascents constantly during the summer months.

Park City is in the Wasatch mountain range featured the 2002 winter Olympics and you can see the Olympic park from highway 224 which is maybe 10 minutes from town. The town is a huge ski destination but originally in the 1800’s was then known as the silver mining town.

Portion of life

For most people, if you look at a portion of their life that they enjoyed most it would be their vacations. Many of us live for the next vacation, it can’t come soon enough. Believe it or not, a good percentage of Americans can’t seem to find the time or have the means to take vacations. Because it’s a time we enjoy most it seems it should be a priority and if you can’t find the means at least you could take a day trip to enjoy nature and life.

Nearly two years ago I had a portion of the book I’ve been writing for years published in an international literary magazine called AOIS21 Media. Since then the road is like this. I have the bulk of the manuscript ready but every few days I work on it refining, changing, rearranging to make it ready to present to a publisher. I’ve also spent countless hours reading and listening to e-book publishers and speaking with some to get their advice on publishing. An arduous task at best.

Essentially this work of the heart has taken a portion of my life. I’m amazed by authors like James Patterson, one of my favorites, that releases books every couple months it seems.  I know he has a template or a formula which he starts from so it’s not as difficult as a brand new creation.

My wife and I are very fond of vacations though we get so tied up in life that there are way too many years when we skipped a vacation. At least when we didn’t find time for an actual vacation we’ve at least taken a getaway weekend to regain our sanity and remember how to breathe. That’s the key, remember how to breathe its an essential ingredient for living.

Arid desert alive and well

Years ago I used to listen to my favorite sports team live from Arizona. I heard all the fans cheering on their team and I thought I can’t image that many people down there j the desert. I thought how and why would they live there. It had to be hot, dry and awful in that arid climate without water.

Now after living here for over 20 years, I’ve learned to appreciate the desert. We may be in the middle of a 20-year drought but lately, we’ve been blessed with an unusual amount of rainfall. The desert has plenty of greenery, the only downside being we‘re going to have a bumper crop of tumbleweeds this summer. It’s amazing how those sagebrush grow every year and uproot travel with the wind coming to rest in a fence and sometimes the grille of your vehicle.

Every year people migrate to the southwest, some for vacation, like the snowbirds that are everywhere now. Others are told to move here in the arid climate for health reasons. Subsequently, the growth has presented new problems with not enough water to support the population. The primary source of water is the mighty Colorado river, its blessings of rainfall that renews our hope for tomorrow.

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A juicy story brewing

More people are history buffs than you would imagine. In fact, there are more people interested in the history behind the Salem witch trials as evident with all the TV shows, movies, and documentaries. The supernatural is something that science cannot explain so it mystifies people and plenty of juicy stories originate from the early beginnings.

The witch burning, hangings, and the little-known laying weights or heavy stones on their chests to obtain a confession or until it often killed them are all a curious thing. Back then some men in power used the process to eliminate their competition. Sad how people could react and allow such terrible things to be done because of fear. But we don’t have any of that today -right?

So back in the day, we had the TV show Bewitched and the more recent movie by the same name. My favorites are Hocus Pocus starring Bette Midler which is more of a comedy along with Practical Magic starring Sandra Bullock and Nichole Kidman. Then there’s Witches of Eastwick and literally hundreds of other movies and TV shows. Who out there is amazed that Supernatural is in season 12? I personally like “the boys” and their cast of misfits. Maybe it’s the classic rock evident throughout the series.

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Travlin man craving

I typically associate the term craving with food especially chocolate. Thinking about lunch or dinner I tend to sometimes have a craving for a particular cuisine, you know something comes to mind. Here my mind is following my heart and I have a yearning to travel. I traveled the country a lot when I was the National Account Manager for a Quartz stone company but that was ten years ago. My wife and I only travel once a year for our vacation and that’s just not enough. There’s far too much to see and take in out there.

The title refers to the Bob Seger song Travlin Man although I can remember Ricky Nelson’s version from when I was a little kid. I’m also thinking of Segar’s Ramblin Gamlin Man tune that has a nice traveling beat to it. There’s no doubt about it we like millions of other Americans want to take to the highway to see the sights. We’re considering a goose-neck trailer truck, if we can find one we really like or we’ll build our own tiny home.

I believe we all crave vacations, time to get away from all the everyday work routine and catch some R & R. Depending on your lot in life, if you’ve been with a company a long time or you have a government job you have the luxury of longer vacations but most of us are restricted to a one to two week stint. It’s nearly impossible to travel overseas with a short vacation that’s why we’re actually looking forward to the day we can retire so we can travel as far and as long as we like. Til then- happy trails.

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Stop the burn-have a safe 4th

In the southwest especially this time of year when we’re essentially on the equator you learn to prevent the burn during your time outdoors exposed to the sun’s rays. Of course there will be days when you’re caught off guard and get sunburned and then you seek the soothing aloe derived from the Aloe Vera plants that grow all around this area. This year we’ve broke a lot of record high temperatures already and summer has just started.

This holiday weekend there will be countless cases of people that spend their time outdoors and all too many will be sore-fully unprepared with sunscreen. People will be out on the lakes skiing, fishing, playing volleyball and just sun bathing. Others will be swimming, golfing, playing tennis or working in their yards with similar stories. If you don’t use a waterproof sunscreen you still may end up being a casualty of sunburn and begin bearing the lobster look- be sure to use a body gel that has vitamin E and aloe to cool the burn.

This Independence Day weekend, have an enjoyable, exciting and great time; keep hydrated and revel in celebration, enjoy the fireworks honoring America’s freedom. Wherever you are I bid you a safe and happy holiday weekend. Have fun at whatever you do and remember to “be careful out there.”

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Make Vacations last

If I had a choice on what I could do to speed up or slow down I’d slow down vacations to a crawl so they’s last a lot longer. You know the time zips by and you’re back at the grind before you know it. The work week often, not always drags on compared to vacations. So I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.

Is it possible to slow down the pace to make your vacation last longer? If you lock yourself up in your hotel room does it slow the pace down? Actually we tried that a year ago or so when we spent a week in San Diego. We didn’t plan on spending a lot of time in our room but they had a record breaking heat wave that closed the public schools because they don’t have air conditioning. The temperature was 105 with high humidity making it very uncomfortable to do anything outdoors for a few days.

As the heat wave ended we spent the rest of our vacation seeing the sights, on the beach etc. and time sped up again. Wasting away in a hotel room wasn’t our idea of a vacation even though that time seemed to drag on so I’d rather not do it again. Have fun, enjoy your time away. Time rolls on and I’ll take having fun over living like a hermit any day.


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Amazing force of nature

Take the jellyfish. It’s beautiful to observe, it moves so slowly and gracefully and it’s unique. The creature is simple, elegant and deadly at the same time. Are they all the same- heavens no some are bigger than a person while others are as small as a pinhead. Jellyfish have been around much longer than mankind they may have been around before the dinosaurs.

There are many different types of jellyfish. There are many different looking ones, different colors and again sizes. They’re  found around the globe where the environment is just right for them. They are part of the circle of life serving as food to sea turtles and larger fish while they consume some very small ones, fish eggs and other things. Not all jellyfish have the tentacles that sting it’s prey with a toxin nor do they swim but merely drift or wander their way around.

They’re actually are a form of plankton. Not a typical one at that but they often travel in swarms or “blooms” as they are called and if you’ve run across them they were probably part of a bloom.

Just looking at this one one would think they were part of the squid family. They’re another wonder of nature that’s as beautiful as the sunset. Carry on my wayward jelly.

This photo was taken at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans

Lasting Memories

Memories generally speaking are the one thing we hold on to no matter where our travels take us. Looking back at this time in New Orleans one that stands out is the dinner riverboat ride we took. It was a unique experience. As you can see in the photo we were in a long line to board our cruise ship. It’s a real paddle boat, I have picture of another paddle boat going the other direction on the mighty Mississippi.

It was a perfect evening in fact there was a crescent moon over the crescent city that night which doesn’t happen very often. After everyone is seated inside the vessel the Captain comes on introducing himself and telling us what we have in store. Next was the buffet dinner. It featured all the local favorite dishes from gumbo to Jambalaya and seafood dishes. Naturally banjo music accompanied the meal.

After the we filled up on all the goodies we were invited to any of the upper decks to enjoy the view and the continuous banjo music. The lights of the city loomed in front of us until we reached near the turnaround point up river then they were but a glow in the sky. The night sky was clean, fresh and something to see under the stars. We met people from around the country including a couple ladies from “down under”. We had a marvelous time conversing with them learning of their travels and their native country. We enjoyed the time so much before we knew it we were back in the city coming about to park at the dock again.

Take time get out and about and explore this old world there are so many sights to see and experiences to be had. See so many that you’ll have a rich archive to sort through to find your favorite memories.