Where do ideas come from?

Every writer at some point is looking for ideas. They’re looking for ideas that spark creativity, that are answers they’ve been searching for, that complete the message. Getting started with a book starts with a great idea. From there we start building we create our project based on that idea or platform and we’ll soon be developing an outline with all the ideas that fall in line with our plan. A lot of the content will be drawn from times when we get into writing stints where we just put down our thoughts before they escape us for sometimes they may not come back again.

Depending on what type of work you’re creating will determine the kind and amount of research you need to put in on your project. Our idea, our project basis has to be big enough, it has to be vast enough to carry our readers attention and keep their interest. The point is the premise, the point of our book must be broad enough to be the proper length and focused in clarity to convey to slightest detail.


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